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Old Scholars Projects

In 2014 the Association received a grant of $1900 for materials to preserve the uniform collection and, in order to continue archiving, the Association constantsly looks for donations from our Old Scholars and community.


After the purchase of new shelving in the Old Scholars store room we are now prioritising the procurement of specialised archival boxes. These boxes are purposely made to maintain the integrity of the items within. They are costly and donations are most welcome in order for our work to continue.


On behalf of the Association, the committee members would like to thank all the old scholars who have generously donated in the past. If you still wish to donate, use the booking slip. Please fill out the form and post it to 28 Rose Tce, Wayville, SA 5034 or click here to make a donation online.

Fund Raising Events

For more information or if you wish to become involved in fund raising events for the Association, please see the News & Events webpage.

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