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Current Activities


With the support of numerous volunteers, the Patchell Library is currently undergoing an extensive review of all items and records, in order to build a custom catalogue service. The catalogue will be a complete repository of photos, handwriten notes and texts, books, magazines, uniforms and much more. It is intended that this database will be accessible for all old scholars to view and will act as a research base for future generations.


This project's timeframe is limited to the number of contributing volunteers as the workload is extensive. Therefore, we are seeking Old Scholars with a passion for organising, researching and photographing to offer their time and help make this project a complete and concise historical database.



History of Patchell Library


In 1964 at the Annual General Meeting of the Old Scholars Association a sub-committee was formed to investigate the possibility of establishing an archival collection. It wasn’t until 1991 that the collection of memorabilia found a permanent home in Patchell Library.


In ‘A Rich Tapestry of Lives’, author, Daphne Gum included an excerpt from a report in the 1991 Annesley College Year Book (p174).


“It has been a familiar name in the School, the Patchell Library. This charming room was first officially opened on 29 November 1929 and was established as a tribute to Miss ME Patchell’s seventeen years of service to the school as Headmistress. During the intervening years it has been used in varying ways and its beauty had been all but lost.


The Annesley College Council rescued it in 1990, and included it in the restoration of the Patchell Building. Thus it had an unofficial opening on Open Day, 5 May 1991 and rejoices in the special name of the Patchell Library Historical Centre”.



Opening Times


The Patchell Library opening times are between 10am and 3pm on Tuesdays during school term time. The Old Scholars Committee welcomes old scholars and their families to visit the Patchell Library and to join them for tea and coffee as well as view the collection.

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To request information about a family member or provide historical information about past students, contact:

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