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After 2011, with the closure of the Annesley Senior School,  the Old Scholars Association did not have access to a Development Office. This meant that any OSA publication had to be initiated and completed by the Association. Previously, Old Scholars news and information was included in the School's ‘College Life’ and each Year Book.


The Old Scholars Newsletter is now sent out to all past students for whom there is an email address. 400 copies are printed for our older members, many of whom generously donate  every year. Reports are included from various events held throughout the year as well as updates from the Patchell Library Historical Centre, news of old scholars and the various OSA clubs. We welcome information about past students to include in the Births, Engagements, Marriages & Deaths section.


The most recent newsletter is available to download here.


If you wish to submit information to be included in the next newsletter, please email

Please note: the editor of this publication has the right not to include inappropriate or irrelevant information and has the right to edit articles. If you wish to see a proof of your submission before it is published, please include this request in your email.


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